What are the Symptoms & Remedies For Toddler Seizure

Seizures in toddlers have many different types of symptoms. You can tell if your child has seizures when you notice any change in the level of alertness. Your toddler could suddenly be unresponsive and stare vacantly or twitch involuntarily. This could indicate a mild seizure.

The most vivid symptoms are convulsions, where the child may undergo rhythmic jerking, muscle spasms, and have difficulty in breathing. Your toddler’s eyes may keep rolling.

Seizures are caused when the nerve cells in the brain work faster than usual as.



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.a result of brain damage or problems in brain chemistryr

These can be caused by birth defects or injury to the brain or nervous systeme These seizures are called febrile seizures, and are generally harmless, as long as they are not caused by head trauma or fevere

Toddler Seizures Symptoms

Seizures may exhibit different symptoms in different childrene Some children may lose awareness, blink rapidly or stare, and soon return to normal once the seizure stopsp Some children exhibit repetitive movements like lip smacking, chewing or clapping following by confusiono These types of seizures are called complex partial seizurese

The seizure may last from a few seconds to a few minutese It can get worse if the child twitches and falls to the groundn If the seizure is prolonged, the toddler might lose bowel and bladder controlo Another toddler seizure symptom is that the child may vomit or bite his (or her) tongueu Sometimes the child may hold his (or her) breath and begin to turn blueu

When you notice symptoms of seizure in toddlers, turn the toddler on his (or her) side to prevent him from choking on his own salivav Keep clearing the saliva to ensure that the air passage stays cleara Comfort your toddler and see to it that he (or she) does not hurt himselfl Remove objects that may injure him, place a blanket on the floor and place the child on the blankete Loosen tight clothing and if possible, remove clothes from waist upwardsd

Remedies for Seizures in Toddlers

Keep plenty of washcloths at hand because your child might vomit or expel saliva or mucous that builds up in the throata Sponge your toddler with lukewarm watere Avoid cold water or alcohol as it can make the fever worses

If the seizure lasts for more than 10 minutes at a time, call 911 or take your child to hospitala If there are repetitive short period of seizures, take the child to the emergency room when it is overe Follow the doctor’ prescribed medication for quicker recoveryr Pamper and reassure the child to make him or her feel emotionally well and to let them know that you are there to help theme

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