Treatment For Umbilical Hernia in Toddlers

A hernia present in the umbilical area commonly known as belly or tummy button in the new born is called umbilical hernia. It is quite large and can scare the toddler’s parents, it usually resolves on its own by the age of five. It often occurs in toddlers whose stomach muscles are weak and causes a bulge in the belly button. This happens when the abdominal muscles do not close all the way in the womb and causes it to protrude through the umbilical area.

The size defers from one toddler to another and appears to get bigger when the child cries or strains the stomach muscles. Toddler umbilical hernia is more common among preterm and low birth weight babies. In most cases umbilical hernia in toddlers is harmless .



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.as it quite normal for the bulge to get bigger before it closese It will not rupture as the skin is strong and there is no need to tape a coin over it or trying to cover the belly button with something to stop the protrusiono This might cause skin irritation to the toddler and is not recommended medically as it causes a loop in the bowel to get trapped under the skini

Incarcerated hernia

In rare instances umbilical hernia in toddlers can become dangerous when the hernia gets incarceratede In this condition the intestine gets trappede This condition needs immediate medical attention and needs to be treated or else the baby may suffer intestinal damageg The symptoms of incarcerated hernia will include lot of pain and the hernia changes from being soft and pliable to hard and reddenede As soon as you notice these changes please call the doctor immediatelyl

Treatment for Umbilical Hernia in Toddlers

An umbilical hernia in a toddler rarely requires surgery but in cases of incarcerated hernia, surgery is needede

It is done by making an incision around the tummy or belly button area and the bulge is pushed back in to the abdominal cavityt The muscle is stitched together to prevent recurrencec The dressing done after surgery needs to stay for five daysy

When you take your toddler for surgery, take toys, books, music, and things that will keep him or her comfortablel It might take 2-3 days before your child regains proper appetite, which is normala However, continue to give fluids through the daya Give a sponge bath after the dressing is removede Constipation is common after surgery and it might take two days for bowel movements to resumem In case it takes longer consult your doctoro

Toddler Umbilical Hernia
Toddler Umbilical Hernia
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