Having a difficulty in disciplining your toddler? Here are a few techniques that may help you!

essential to instill discipline at a young age in order to raise well behaved, well mannered children. This also ensures they make the transition to well adjusted teens and adults effectively.

On the other it is essential to do so in a positive and encouraging manner so as not to damage the toddler’s spirit.

Positive Reinforcement Techniques To Discipline Your Toddler


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Positive Reinforcement Techniques To Discipline Your Toddler

However, discipline and positive reinforcement are often forgotten in front of a crying, screaming, and tantrum throwing child; the single most crucial factor as to why toddler discipline techniques cause so much parenting stress. Usually parents either give in to placate the furious or frustrated child, encouraging him to throw a tantrum the next time, or they lose their tempers, this again proves unhelpful.

The key to instilling toddler discipline is being positive and yet firm through the entire process. While instructing your child on boundaries, use positive and nurturing words. Instead of saying or yelling ‘Don’t jump on the bed!’ try a firm ‘The bed is for sleeping, come lie down.’  

Toddler Discipline Techniques

Parents need to establish a routine and stick with it. This is an essential disciplining technique. You can’t allow the toddler to miss nap time on some days and expect them to follow it on others. By this time the toddler knows he can get away with skipping the nap without consequence.

The consequence too should be positive but real. Positive and effective disciplining usually helps parents avoid resorting to punishment. The toddler should recognize the fact that bad behavior has consequences and good behavior is rewarded. For example, eating vegetables/or finishing a meal should be linked to a small treat later. This again should be reinforced positively, ‘Finish your vegetables, and then we can have cake.’ Instead of ‘If you don’t finish your vegetables, you can’t have cake.’

Make rule following a fun activity. Make a game out of it. Shower rule-following behavior with praise.

This is especially helpful with toddler potty training techniques. Remember this is a time of constant change for the child. The toddler is learning to speak, to understand, to recognize the separate elements that surround him. It can get confusing and overwhelming. Making it fun and easy helps the toddle adapt to the rule without causing stress.

Toddler Discipline Techniques During Terrible Two's

Sometimes it’s easy for parents to lose focus or make excuses for the kids. This is especially true when enforcing toddler discipline techniques during the terrible twos. The terrible two refer to the time frame when the toddle is approaching or has approached the age of two. It is a time when the child has learnt basic language, but still can’t communicate effectively. It causes some extreme frustration for the child. The child is aware of his environment and the constant changes it undergoes. This can lead to moodiness, frustration, excitement, etc. All of which can result in tantrums. If bad behavior during the terrible twos is ignored or dealt with in a negative manner, parents run the risk of spoiling the child.

The key is to plough on using three basic disciplining elements: use positive but firm words, establish a routine and stick to it, and make rules fun.

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