Importance and Use of Baby Crib Bedding & Mattress

Babies spend the most of their first year sleeping and this is the reason why parents spend a considerable amount of time trying to find them the perfect crib.

There are several considerations for buying a crib and almost all couples have different priorities.

While the design, color and material of the crib may be an important consideration, the safety of the crib is even more important.

Baby Cribs


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Baby Cribs

Cribs are available in various different shapes, sizes, designs and colors.

Most of the cribs are designed in light colors, with bright upholstery and baby crib bedding. It has been found that babies develop their cognitive abilities faster when surrounded by various shades of different colors. Therefore, most of the baby products are colored brightly so that apart from increasing their cognitive abilities, their nursery too assumes a bright and cheerful look.

A baby crib is typically made of wood or metal and can be foldable too. Today, there are various different types of cribs available in the market, right from the sleigh type cribs to the round or the rocking type cribs. However, the material is almost always carefully chosen so that it is non toxic and doesn’t harm the child in any way.
A baby crib usually also comes fitted with a baby crib bedding which should be well fitting and snug. Loose or a large bedding can cause the baby to get caught in it and so these accidents are best avoided by using a good quality baby mattress which fits well in the baby crib.

Importance of Baby Crib Bedding

It is also important for the crib and the bedding to be approved by a national or an international agency responsible for maintaining the standards for such products.

Both baby cribs and baby crib mattresses are available in many different materials. Though many of the mattresses made of synthetic fibers may appear very beautiful, it is advised that you buy only those mattresses that are made of natural fibers. Natural fibers are non toxic and do not cause any rashes on the baby’s delicate skin. The same however, cannot be said for the synthetic materials. The dyes and colors used in the mattresses and bedding should be non toxic. Check them well before you buy them.

Round cribs are the most preferred these days. These are also recommended because safety nets and crib tents can be easily installed on these cribs. These safety nets prevent the baby from falling off the crib and getting hurt.

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