Can I Take Sudafed While Breastfeeding?

(November 24, 2010)

Sudafed is an oral decongestant that is used to treat the congestion that is linked with colds or even with allergies. This problem can often reduce the milk supply being produced in a breast feeding mother. There are many medications that can be taken when breastfeeding toddler. However, most drugs that are consumed by the mother, will make their way into the milk supply in varying degrees. Some of the drugs can even affect the supply of milk being produced. It is always advisable to check with one’s doctor prior to taking any medications or over the counter drugs.

Sudafed is one such drug that makes its way into the breast milk when consumed by the mother. However the quantities that enter the milk supply are usually small doses and are generally thought to be too small to cause any kind of serious problem in the child. One of the main side effects seen in the infant that are linked with the consumption of the drug by the mother includes irritability in the child. Sudafed is also seen to reduce the supply of milk production in the mother. However studies indicate that this problem does not exist when the Sudafed doses are only taken occasionally. But if the nursing mothers take the drug Sudafed often then there may be problems that arise with their milk production supplies. Some safe home remedies that one can take to tackle a congestion problem linked with a cold are increasing one’s consumption of Vitamin C and ensuring that one drinks plenty of water and other fluids. One should also ensure that they get adequate amounts of rest. Eating garlic in its raw form or in its cooked form is also considered to be beneficial in tackling a problem of congestion and for reducing the cold. Taking a steam inhalation is also considered to be good in reducing one’s congestion problem. One can even consume some hot drinks like hot teas or hot soups to ease any congestion build up that might occur. Drinking hot milk is also a recommended drink. Placing a few drops of either peppermint essential oil or eucalyptus essential oil on a wad of cotton or in a handkerchief and inhaling helps in ease the breathing. Place a few drops of these essential oils in a solution of hot water and take a steam. This is also considered to be effective in opening up the nasal passage.

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