What is Postpartum Depression

(November 17, 2010)

Postpartum depression is a common occurrence in women who have just been through the extremely exhausting procedure of childbirth. The physical strain, as well as the emotional and mental turmoil that a mother may experience can cause bouts of post childbirth depression, more commonly known as postpartum depression. Postpartum depression, if neglected can pose a detriment to the mental health of the mother, causing her to neglect her child. In extreme cases of postpartum depression, there have been instances where a mother has caused physical harm to the child, resulting in very serious damage to extremely sensitive organs of the body, and sometimes leading to a fatality.

There are a number of postpartum depression symptoms that are easily recognizable and that need urgent attention. A mother who has just given birth and tends to be irritable and overly sensitive is experiencing some form of postpartum depression and must be given the attention she requires to regain her mental well being. Instance where a mother has reduced the intake of food to a negligible amount also professes the occurrence of postpartum depression. Women who experience a loss of appetite because of the depression need to be coaxed to consume larger amounts of food so that they are able to nurse their newborn babies.

The signs of postpartum depression are easily identifiable and need to be given their due attention. It must also be noted that women and men alike, experience postpartum depression and require help to overcome these depressive feelings. There are a number of ways of overcoming postpartum depression and most of these include undertaking activities that make one feel relaxed. Sharing and communication is a very important part of overcoming depression. Taking to a partner about how you feel is an excellent way of helping yourself to overcome the gloom of postpartum depression. Reading a book helps take your mind off things for a while, while relaxing music helps to soothe you. Watching a light movie and taking long walks will be beneficial in getting you back to good health. The foods you eat are another important factor in helping you overcome postpartum depression. Fresh fruits and vegetables help to detoxify the body and are recommended as part of your dietary plan. Partners need to be considerate towards their counterparts and pitch in with a little help time and again, to relieve the stress that is being experienced. Medication to overcome postpartum depression should be taken only under the advice of a medical practitioner.

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