when is breastfeeding contraindicated?

(August 3, 2010)

Breastfeeding Contraindicated

Breast milk is said to be the best form of nutrition for your baby as it provides the child with all the nutrients necessary for proper growth and development. However, no matter how beneficial mothers’ milk is for child, breastfeeding maybe contraindicated in certain cases. One such situation where breastfeeding is contraindicated is when the mother is suffering from an illness. For instance, a mother who is diagnosed with tuberculosis and has not undergone any treatment for the same will be advised not to nurse her baby as by doing so she is passing on the illness to the baby as well. In the United States, breastfeeding is contraindicated if the mother has been tested positive with the HIV virus as this virus is said to transfer through breast milk to the child. There are a number of medicines that a nursing mother may be prescribed and some of these may not have been tested for their effects on breast milk. These medicines may interfere with breastfeeding as they enter breast milk and therefore, if a nursing mother is taking any medications, the doctor may recommended that she does not nurse the baby. Pregnant women should not self-medicate and neither should they stop breast feeding their baby without first consulting a doctor. It is best to consult your doctor if you are taking any herbal supplements or over the counter medicines.
There may also be certain conditions that the baby may suffer from because of which the child should not be breastfed. Galactosemia is one such illness in which   the baby is not able to metabolize galactose and digestion of breast milk produces galactose. The baby, therefore, needs to be fed on a diet that is lactose free or else he will not be able to develop physically and mentally in a normal fashion. The use of illegal drugs is strictly prohibited for mothers who are breastfeeding and if a nursing mother is indulging in these drugs, the doctor will probably urge her not to breast feed the child but to get a wet nurse instead. If you are on anti depressant medicines, anti anxiety or anti psychotic medicines, you need to ask the doctor of their effects related to breastfeeding. Toxemia is an illness that mothers may suffer from and the medicines used for treating this illness may contraindicate breastfeeding. Thus, you may not be able to feed your baby as long as you are on these medicines. Medications prescribed in case of a urinary tract infection are also contraindicated while breastfeeding.

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