What are the differences during first and second pregnancy?

(June 15, 2010)

First And Second Pregnancy Differences

The first pregnancy is never really like the second pregnancy. This is so for various reasons. For one the second time around the pregnancy will be visible much earlier in the trimester. This is mainly so as the body begins to change much faster the second time around. One should be aware that this occurrence is totally normal and does not mean that the woman is gaining weight excessively. This occurrence is primarily due to the fact that once the woman has already experienced a pregnancy before her body tends to remember what is required to be done and thus all the changes which would normally have taken much longer the first time around happen quickly during the second one. Thus women may actually end up having to slip into their maternity clothes even prior to reaching the second trimester. Another noticeable change that the mother will be aware off is that she will be able to feel the fetus’s movements in terms of all the kicks and flutters much faster for the second child. This is mainly because the mother will be more experienced in identifying when the baby is moving and when the so called kicks or other movements might just be some gastrointestinal feelings and sensations. However if the baby is positioned towards the rear end of the woman’s uterus then she probably would not have any feeling till she is in her final trimester.

The second pregnancy may end up being even more tiring for the mother as for the first pregnancy one may have had time to rest. However, now the mother would have to take care of her first born while being pregnant with the second. Try and get as much as rest as possible before the arrival of the second child. Many mothers do agree that labor time on the second delivery is much reduced compared to the labor for the first delivery. The cervical dilation the second time around tends to be much faster than for the first. However one should remember that there is no guarantee to this.  Another noticeable difference is also that the second time around the mother is more preoccupied and will not be as focused on her second pregnancy the way she had been for the first. This is largely probable because now she would be spending more time chasing her older child or any other children. This is also normal and one should not worry that they are neglecting the second or likely to love any child less or more than the other.

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