Toddler teeth keep breaking, what can I do?

(March 3, 2010)

Cracking or breaking teeth can be quite a problem to deal with, even more so when the one suffering is a toddler. Children tend to have more of a problem dealing with it because they are more sensitive to pain. However, it is also a major concern for any parent as they are not too sure why the teeth crack or break so easily. There are a number of causes that will lead to your teeth becoming exceptionally brittle and most causes will affect individuals no matter what their age. While the condition is easier to explain in older individuals as a result of the wear and tear the teeth have had to suffer over the years, it is much harder to explain when it occurs in a toddler. It is essential that you have your toddler go in for a dental check up in order to understand more clearly the exact reasons for the higher sensitivity to stress levels – causing the teeth to break easily. One possible explanation is that your child is suffering from a rather rare condition known as cracked tooth syndrome. Some of the major factors that cause this to happen is when an individual has a habit of continuously and forcefully clenching and grinding his or her teeth. In these cases, it is almost imperative for early diagnosis to be accomplished as this reduces the amount of restoration work required to correct the problem.

One of the most common methods of repair is to have the teeth capped. However, since you are dealing with a toddler, it is a much better option that you do your best to help the child break the habit instead. This is primarily because of the fact that the child currently has temporary teeth which are going to fall out and give way to permanent teeth in the future. If the destructive habit is ignored, the child will continue to do so when he or she gets the permanent set of teeth, where it could be even more of a problem.  Proper dental hygiene is also essential when attempting to strengthen ones teeth. Make sure that your toddler brushes his teeth at least twice a day to help build up individual tooth strength as well as prevent any food particles accumulating between the teeth – leading to infection and tooth decay. You should also make it a point to take your toddler to the dentist for a regular oral check up.

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