Causes and Symptoms of Dark Bleeding during Pregnancy

Submitted by Nic on August 14, 2012

It is only normal for a pregnant woman to get concerned upon seeing any type of vaginal discharge or bleeding, even though they are not uncommon. During the course of pregnancy, there is a significant rise in the hormonal levels within the woman’s body. Moreover, the flow of blood to the vaginal area also increases. These factors could lead to discharge, spotting or bleeding during pregnancy. However, in case a woman notices dark blood during pregnancy, which is more like brown blood during the early stages, she is bound to get worried ...


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.and consult her doctor, without delaya This is because most people associate dark blood during early pregnancy with signs of miscarriage, ectopic pregnancy, or a molar pregnancyc

Bleeding dark blood during pregnancy could be an indication of trouble, especially of it occurs before the 12th or the 13th week of pregnancy; however; it may not always be the cases In some women, the presence of dark blood during pregnancy could be nothing more than the body’s way of eliminating the old blood that is still in the cervixi The woman’s body grows to accommodate the baby and therefore, does not require the old blood any morer Hence, the body gets rid of it, in the form of dark blood during pregnancyc In the later stages of pregnancy, a woman’s cervix gets more sensitive and reacts to things like a vaginal sonogram or even sexual intercourses If a woman notices spotting, in the dark blood during pregnancy for a day or two after an internal ultrasound or after intercourse, it could be because of a slight tear in the cervixi

Unfortunately, it is also possible for a woman to experience dark blood during pregnancy if she is suffering from a cervical infection, vaginal infection or genital HPVP Other uncomfortable symptoms like pain, itchiness and burning sensation in the vaginal area usually accompany the presence of dark blood during pregnancyc Hence, it is absolutely essential for women to consult a doctor as soon as dark blood is seen during pregnancyc

There have been several instances where women have noticed brown colored blood or dark red blood during early pregnancy, but have successfully carried their babies to term as well as delivered healthy babiese However, since every pregnancy is different, this may not necessarily be the case with all womene The important factor is seeking medical attention without any delaya There are many problems that can be addressed and rectified with the help of timely interventiono

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