Side Effects of Miscarriage

Submitted by Nic on January 17, 2012

A miscarriage can be one of the most devastating experiences for an expectant mother. The loss of an unborn child is just about as difficult to accept, as it would be to lose a child at any stage of his or her life. Even though you don't really know your child before he or she is born, there is a strong bond of attachment between expectant parents and the developing fetus that grows stronger with time. One of the worst side effects of miscarriage is depression. At a time like this, when the world seems to have come to an end, there is little that affected couple can do to avoid depression, after having gone through a miscarriage.


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The emptiness caused by the loss of a child is extremely difficult to cope with and the hopes and dreams of young parents lie shattered.

Apart from the emotional battering that is experienced, there is also the fact that there still remain physical side effects of miscarriage that take their toll as well. To begin with, a miscarriage after the 12th week of pregnancy will require you to undergo the complete process of childbirth, with labor being induced.

The physical strain experienced by the woman is equivalent to giving birth to a full term child, and will drain her physically. Besides this, the sudden changes in hormone structure will also cause tiredness and changes that are unexpected at this point of time. Emotional side effects of miscarriage are further enhanced by the changes in hormonal balance, apart from the fact that the loss of your baby itself is devastating.

One of the most prominent side effects of an early miscarriage is that young couples are afraid to try to have another baby for a while. The fear of losing a child again and the inability to deal with another loss are primary factors that are linked with side effects of early miscarriage. When an expectant mother is experiencing a miscarriage, there are certain signs that the body exhibits, indicating the possibility of a miscarriage. Based on these signs and symptoms, the gynecologist may request reports of intensive tests, to correct any genetic defects that may be causing the miscarriage. The various side effects after miscarriage require timely attention. To grieve for a lost child is extremely important for both parents, because it allows them to express the way they feel about their loss. Besides this, it also plays a very important role in the healing process.

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