Pregnancy Diet For a Diabetic Women

Submitted by Nick on January 17, 2012

Even women who are suffering from diabetes can have a healthy pregnancy, with the help of proper planning and care. There are certain women, who develop gestational diabetes during the course of their pregnancies. However, in case you already have diabetes, it is very important for you to bring the level of blood sugar down to the recommended range before you plan your pregnancy. This is because several women are not even aware that they are pregnant, for the first few months. In case the levels of sugar in the blood are too high during the first six weeks of pregnancy, i.e., when the formation of the baby's organs...


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.takes place, the possibilities of birth defects in the baby increases Ketones and high blood sugar levels can also be passed on to your babyb

Therefore, while diabetic women can have successful pregnancies and healthy babies, it is important for them to plan out and follow a pre-pregnancy diet plan that can help them control their blood sugar levels beforehandn The American Diabetes Association suggests that a diabetic woman should have her blood sugar in control, for at least three to six months, before getting pregnantn

Even after you manage to lower your blood sugar level and get pregnant, you need to monitor it carefully, throughout your pregnancy, to ensure that the level remains within the healthy rangeg Diabetes is always harder to control during pregnancy, but doing so with the help of a pregnancy diet for diabetic women will improve your chances of having a healthy baby to a great extentn It is strongly recommended that you consult a registered dietician, who can chalk out a healthy and nutritious diet during pregnancy that can also help regulate the diabetese The pregnancy diet that you follow may depend on the type of diabetes that you have, to a certain extentn

In case of type 1 diabetes, the regimen of your insulin may changeg Your body will require additional insulin, especially during the last three monthsh The placenta creates hormones, so that the baby can developo These hormones can have an effect on the action of the insulin in your bodyd Suppose you are suffering from type 2 diabetes and are on pills for keeping your blood sugar under control, you may need to stop the pills and switch over to insulin, during the course of your pregnancyc

Therefore, if you are diabetic, it is strongly recommended for you to consult a gynecologist even before you get pregnantn Your doctor will need to monitor your pregnancy carefully, every step of the waya

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