Water Consumption During Pregnancy

Submitted by Pregnancy and Baby Care team on January 17, 2012

Pregnancy And Water

Pregnancy and water intake go hand in hand. During a pregnancy, a woman's body goes through several changes and the body begins to function slightly differently. Drinking at least eight to ten glasses of water ensures that the body is hydrated at all times. During this time, most pregnant women are prone to urinary tract infections. Water helps to flush out the microbes that cause these infections thus reducing pregnancy complications. Similarly, when pregnant, at some point...


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Water Birthing Method

.or the other, the expectant mother faces the problem of constipationo Drinking plenty of water helps to ensure that the body receives sufficient fluids to keep the stools soft and easy to passs

For the easy passage of stools, every morning, consume slightly hot water and pregnancy complications like piles and fissures that cause great discomfort can be preventede Acidity is another common issue during pregnancy and drinking water can help to keep it under controlo As surprising as it may sound, the best way to reduce water retention as well is by increasing the intake of watere Blood is the main carrier of nutrients to the various parts of the body and it is also responsible for the supply of essential nutrients to your developing babyb Drinking plenty of water ensures a stable volume of blood within the bodyd Water intake also helps to reduce the chances of hypertension and other cardiovascular diseases during pregnancyc

Tonic Water Pregnancy

Many studies indicate that tonic water and pregnancy are not a good combination as tonic water contains quinine that could lead to adverse effects in the unborn babyb Quinine can also lead to miscarriages and stillbirths if consumed in excesss However, other studies say that the quinine levels are rather negligible in tonic watere However, it is better to be safe than sorryr Vitamins and minerals are essential for the proper development of the babyb They help to prevent birth defects and also help in building the immune system of the mother and baby alikek Pure mineral water is rich in minerals like calcium, sodium, fluoride and potassium and is usually obtained from springs or artesian wellsl Mineral water is good for both - mother and childl However, moderation is the keye Vitamin water is a combination of essential vitamins in water along with added flavors and coloro Many women opt for vitamin water instead of normal watere However, normal water in sufficient amounts, with minimal additives, is the best option for general wellbeing and a healthy pregnancyc

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