Mobile Phones And Pregnancy

Submitted by Jenifer on January 7, 2013

It is natural for a to-be-mother to be cautious about the harmful effects of day to day life. The use of mobile phones is one such activity that, in today’s world, is almost a necessity. Mobile or cell phones release non-ionizing electromagnetic radiation, together with microwaves, televisions and computers and operate at a frequency above 10 MHZ. However, there is no proof that they have any adverse effects on pregnancy outcomes...


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Studies still have to be conducted to evaluate the long term effects of the use of mobile phones. Nonetheless, it is still always better to be cautious. Your mobile phone instruction manual should be able to inform you of the levels of SAR (specific absorption rate).

If the SAR level is high, then the radiation that your body absorbs will also be high. The recommended SAR limit is 1.6W/kg in the US. Though the radiation is unlikely to harm your baby, restrict your use of cell phones to only when it is really necessary. Avoid using your phone if the signal strength is low and if possible, use a hands free set or keep some distance between your head and your phone.


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