Maternity Lingerie

Submitted by Pregnancy and Baby Care team on October 10, 2012

Pregnancy will change your body shape and size, and just like your clothes, you will need a new set of underpants to manage the changing body shape. You do not want to be stuck in ill fitting underpants that keep rolling down, or bundle down below the belly every time you sit down or start walking. Similarly, your breasts undergo various changes, becoming tender during pregnancy and later while nursing as well.  You need to get yourself special pregnancy (and later nursing) bras designed to suit your comfort and requirements.


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Your choice of underpants is personal and will differ from someone else's preference Maternity briefs are the most convenient and widely preferred underpants.  They are called grandma panties and are not stylish but quite old fashioned.  However, despite their unfashionable looks, these panties are popular among expectant mothers because of their comfortable fit.

They do not roll or bunch up oddly.

Bikini style panties are also available and they can last longer into your pregnancy, but that is subject to the shape of your belly. The bikini style panties also double up as maternity bikini underwear, though some women think they are not the best choice because they roll down uncomfortably. Maternity thongs are another category of lingerie that many women like wearing during pregnancy, and they have become a fashion statement.

There are several designer maternity lingerie brands that specialize in maternity thongs and other sorts of bras and underpants. How much you want to spend on your maternity lingerie is up to you. It is however, quite unnecessary to spend money on designer brands since you will use it only for a short while. Besides, the cheaper options are not usually bad. There are several good brands that offer lingerie online shopping options.

It is time to go shopping for pregnancy lingerie when you observe your bust increasing. In the first trimester, you should ensure that your bra is fitted tight. The bra cup should allow room for the bust to grow during the different stages of pregnancy. You can check for the right cup size by sliding your hand into the upper section of the cup and see if there is enough room for expansion.

You will need a new set of bras after your delivery and there are different varieties of nursing bras to choose from. When you start lactating, your breasts fill with milk and enlarge. It is not only uncomfortable to wear tight bras; it is also risky as tight fits can cause blockages. The breast pads also safeguard against leakages in the nursing months. They have zip cups that are make breastfeeding extremely convenient, easy and quick. Get a bra that has thick straps and is thick in width, as it provides better support. Make sure the cups are of a soft material. Purchase quality undergarments which will not get frayed due to constant washing and dry cleaning. Wearing the right lingerie can also make you feel sexy during pregnancy, so that you stay happy and beautiful.

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