What trimester of pregnancy does milk start forming in your breast?

(January 7, 2010)

Pregnancy Trimester - Milk Foaming During Pregnancy Trimesters
Pregnancy may be a joyful experience but it can also bring a lot of turbulence into your life because of the physical changes and accompanying changes to your life and emotions. The effects of pregnancy are not restricted to the physical, but in a physical context it is possibly the breasts that undergo the most change.

Most pregnant women experience significant changes in their breasts during pregnancy, right from breast tenderness to changes in color. When you are in the first trimester, you can expect some sore and tender breasts. You may notice this at once or gradually. If you touch your breasts, you will feel a slight pain and this is an indication of sore breasts.

Similarly, as you proceed with your pregnancy, your nipples or areola may start turning darker. You may also notice some goose bumps that develop on your areola. Besides these changes, your breasts will grow larger in size and this indicates that they are preparing for lactation.

During your last trimester or end of second trimester, you may experience some leakage of milk from your breasts. Do not worry as this is normal and it is your body’s way of preparing for the delivery. While some may experience leakage, there may be others who may not experience it at all. This is also normal and should not be any cause for concern or apprehension.

In your first trimester, your milk ducts tend to enlarge. By the time you reach your sixth month, they prepare to begin milk production. Once you complete your seventh month, colostrums starts leaking from your nipples. This is called as premilk. In most women, it does not appear till the birth of the baby.

Prevent Embarrassment During Milk Foaming

You wear your shirt and because of the colostrum leak, it gets stained. Although you cannot do anything to stop the leakage from happening, you can definitely avoid this kind of embarrassment by wearing nursing pads which will prevent your clothes from getting stained.

Keep the embarrassment at bay, do not feel ashamed, and instead learn to enjoy your pregnancy. A little embarrassment is worth the wait. After all, it is a journey full of surprises and challenges, so just learn to cherish this new role that you will soon be fitting into.

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