Types & Conditions During Toddler Projectile Vomiting

A vomiting child can be a scary thought for a parent, especially when the child is very young. For most parents, what is even scarier than vomiting is projectile vomiting. Infants can vomit due to various causes. Their vomits may not always be same.

Different types of vomiting in toddlers are indications of various different disorders. Therefore, for a parent to be in full control of the situation, it is important that the parent understands the different types of vomiting in young children and what each of them mean. Vomiting is always a sign of some problem in the child’s digestive system.


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The problem may be as simple as a stomach upset or may a little more serious like worms and parasitic infestation.

Types of Vomiting in Toddlers

In all, there are three types of vomiting in toddlers – possetting, reflux, and toddler projectile vomiting. All of these are caused by different factors.

  • Possetting is a typically characteristic vomiting in infants. Almost all infants experience this kind of vomiting sometime in their babyhood. After being fed, the infant often spits up some amount that it has over eaten. This vomit is a very small amount and is usually caused due to over eating.
  • Reflux vomiting occurs when the valve at the opening of the stomach opens up involuntarily and releases all the food that has been eaten. Toddlers often experience this but grow out of it at a later stage.
  • Projectile vomiting in toddlers however, is the worst of all kinds of vomiting. This is a sudden kind of vomiting which comes unexpectedly and forcefully.

    Usually, projectile vomiting in toddler would be liquid in consistency and therefore has a projectile trajectory. The amount of liquid that is forced out of the baby may be very less however, due to the nature of the vomit, it seems a lot and is therefore a little frightening for the parent.

Conditions During Toddler Projectile Vomiting

Usually this kind of vomiting is caused due to a simple virus. However, if the projectile vomiting has been rather frequent, it could be a case of pyloric stenosis. In such a condition, the infant experiences projectile vomiting a short time after being fed. The infant may keep on feeding and vomiting. There may be no change in the appetite but the infant will keep losing weight. This is a serious condition and a doctor should be consulted for it immediately.

Pylori stenosis needs corrective surgery. However, if it is not diagnosed properly and treated promptly, there could be several complications.

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