Toddler vomiting on a regular basis?

(February 18, 2010)

A toddler who suddenly begins to have vicious bouts of vomiting may cause panic amongst the members of the family. Most often, vomiting is caused by a bacterial infection of the digestive tract, and vomiting is the body’s natural way of ejecting the bacteria out of the system. Besides this, vomiting is an indicative sign of an illness and therefore warns parents to be a little extra cautious with regard to what foods are suitable for the toddler.

There are three types of vomiting by toddlers. They are categorized as possetting, reflux vomiting and projectile vomiting. Possetting is a form of vomiting that is not uncommon amongst infants. Usually occurring just after the baby has had a feed, possetting involves the bringing up of food that has been eaten over the regular limit. Possetting involves the removal of very small amounts of excess food from the body by involuntarily spitting up the same. Reflux vomiting is said to occur when the valve that is situated at the base of the esophagus opens involuntarily and allows food to be ejected from the body. Reflux vomiting not only occurs in toddlers, but in adults as well, at times. Projectile vomiting, however, is considered the worst of all forms of vomiting because it occurs suddenly and is violent in nature. It is alarming for a parent because the amount of food that is brought up appears almost proportionate to the food that has been consumed because of the force with which it is ejected.

There are a number of measures that need to be taken in the event that you have a toddler who vomits on a regular basis. The first thing to check is the foods that his or her stomach finds too rich to digest, or foods that cause a reaction. Heavy foods can cause a toddler to bring up because the digestive system cannot break them down into more simple forms. A bacterial infection that is causing your toddler to vomit frequently can be flushed out of the body by making your baby drink lots of water everyday. This helps to keep the system clean and assists in the smooth functioning of the digestive organs. Besides this, drinking plenty of water also ensures that dehydration is avoided because the fluids that are lost from the body are being replaced. The most important thing to be kept in mind when your toddler experiences bouts of frequent vomiting is that they need you most at that moment. Your moral support and love will help them get through all the difficult moments that they are experiencing.

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