Signs & Symptoms of Diabetes in Toddlers

Diabetes is brought about when the body does not use insulin in the proper way or when it does not produce a sufficient amount of the same. Diabetes unfortunately is not limited to only adults. A large number of toddlers and young children are being increasingly diagnosed with this condition. Children, unlike adults are unable to identify signs and symptoms of something being wrong with them.

This means that the parents need to look out for any possible indication of this condition. Although it is difficult to identify diabetes in children, there are few very obvious signs of diabetes in toddlers. Frequent urination is one of the most common signs of diabetes in children.


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A diabetic child will not only make frequent visits to the bathroom, but he or she will urinate a lot wherever there are, in the midst of whatever they are doing. If in case your child need to urinate more than what is normal for him or her, then consider this as a sign of something being wrong.

Symptoms of Diabetes in Toddlers

A child that is diabetic will tend to be constantly thirsty, irrespective of the amount of water they drink. This increased thirst may also be accompanied with a dry throat or a dry mouth. A healthy thirst is good, but if in case the child seems to be unsatisfied or he or she doesn’t seem to be getting enough fluids, then consider this as one of the first signs of toddler diabetes. Toddler diabetes signs also include weight loss. If a toddler maintains a healthy diet but yet, still appears to be losing weight, then this could be an indication of an insulin problem. Parent’s who feel their child is losing weight, even though they eat healthy, should consult the child’s pediatrician to discuss possible causes.

Another symptom to look out for is an increase in appetite. A very obvious sign of something being amiss is an increased appetite that is accompanied with weight loss. This again is something that should b brought to the notice of the child’s pediatrician immediately. Another symptom to look out for is a stubborn diaper rash that shows no signs of healing even after using medication. Other indications of diabetes being present in children include, labored breathing, vomiting, nausea and stomach pain. Diabetes if ignored or left untreated can have serious repercussions. This illness harbors the potential of becoming a life threatening condition if it is not treated in a timely manner.

Toddler Diabetes Signs
Toddler Diabetes Signs
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