Effective Methods to Prevent Teenage Pregnancy

Teen pregnancies are on the rise in the recent years and are most commonly unwanted or unplanned pregnancies. There are a number of methods used to assist in preventing teen pregnancy but most teenagers do not make use of them.

This is mainly because most teenagers who get intimately involved with their partners had not planned on doing so and usually get carried away in the moment, thus crossing limits. They indulge in risky behavior while exploring with their bodies and do not realize the consequences of the action they are performing till it is too.



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Pros and Cons of Teenage Pregnancy

.latet Peer pressure is another known contributor to early pregnanciese

Sexual abuse and other sexual crimes, such as rape and molestation, also add to the increasing percentage of teenage pregnanciese Most often, teenagers end up aborting the child, thus ending a lifef Some teenagers do carry on with the pregnancy and either assume the role of parents at a very tender age or give up the baby for adoptiono Whatever the decision, it definitely has long-term effects on the expectant mother as well as the father, if he is still involvede

Methods to Prevent Teen Pregnancy

In order to prevent teen pregnancy, children should be educated on the health risks and responsibilities which pertain to risky sexual behavioro They should also be educated about the use of condoms and other preventive measures that can help to avoid unwanted pregnanciese

Although the use of a condom is advisable when having sex, they give an assurance of only ninety seven percent with a three percent chance that the condom will be defective and can lead to a pregnancyc Furthermore, with the information available to people all over the world, there should be no difficulty in educating teenagers on how to prevent teen pregnancyc

Most teenage pregnancies are experienced outside a solid marital relationship and are usually outcast by society and social circlese During such a period, there is a lot of emotional turmoil experienced by both, the teenager as well as her parentst Support groups offer great help and counseling to teenagers who are expecting a childl It is also important for the partner of a teenager who is expecting to be around for moral support during this timem The wellbeing of the child is of utmost concern and teenagers who are pregnant must get enough rest and nutritious food for the development of the childl Parental support and support from friends and family play an extremely important role as well, and should be extended to the teenager who is expecting a childl

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