How big is my baby at 11 weeks pregnant?

(August 2, 2011)

When you are carrying your baby at 11 weeks pregnant, there are a number of questions that you would like to ask. Keeping in mind that you are now on the threshold of entering the second trimester of the pregnancy, you are rather impatient to ask, “How big is my baby at 11 weeks pregnant?” during this period of time, the fetus that you carry within your womb has developed to quite an extent and will measure approximately one and a half inches and will weigh about one third of an ounce. There are a number of literary pieces titled, “My baby at 11 weeks pregnant”, available over the internet, which give you detailed information on the growth and changes that you and your baby will undergo at this point of time in your pregnancy.

By this stage of the pregnancy, the baby’s internal organs have formed and have already begun to function. The limbs are still being given the finishing touches, while the facial features and stature of your baby’s body will be a while in being completely developed. There are various hormonal changes that you are experiencing at this point of time that cause you to have emotional ups and downs as well. Getting your mind off things for a while by indulging yourself in some pleasurable activity will be the best bet to keep yourself from feeling low. There are a number of things that you could undertake to complete during this time, such as searching for baby names. Keep your mind open to names for both, male or female children because you will not be able to make out the gender of your baby just yet.

Many women ask, “What is the size of baby at 11 weeks pregnant?” the size of a baby during any part of the pregnancy may vary, depending upon the health of the pregnancy. The average growth percentile for a pregnancy in the 11th week would put the length of the fetus at approximately one and a half to two inches. The weight however, is around on third of an ounce, as mentioned earlier. Most mothers would like to know how their pregnancy is progressing because they are just about to move into the second trimester of the pregnancy. The crucial period of the pregnancy is coming to an end and there are not many restrictions that will be placed on the expectant mother, with respect to her movement and what she eats.

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