What does my baby look like at 25 weeks pregnant?

(June 7, 2011)

A baby at 25 weeks pregnant is almost fully developed and going forth the other major developments would mainly be weight gain and a number of developments in the nervous system. The weight and height of the baby would determine the overall baby size at 25 weeks pregnant. So how big is a baby at 25 weeks pregnant? In the 25th week of pregnancy, a baby would weigh about one and a half pounds and the baby’s length from head to heel would be roughly around 13.5 inches. Your baby would be gaining weight steadily and would no longer be as lean as it was in the earlier weeks. The wrinkled skin of the baby also starts to smoothen out slowly from this stage of the pregnancy and the baby starts looking like a newborn from now on. The baby’s hair is growing faster and you may even be able to tell its texture and color on an abdominal ultrasound. Fetal brain scans suggest that a baby at 25 weeks pregnant is more responsive to touch. If a torch light is shown on your abdomen, the baby will immediately turn its head away from the light source.

Pregnant women very often ask their doctors, “What does my baby look like at 25 weeks pregnant?” Your baby now resembles a small person with facial features developing rapidly. The spine and lungs are developing very fast and even the nostrils are starting to open up slowly. The baby’s hands are fully developed and the bones are becoming stronger. The clasping mechanism of the baby’s hands is also getting better by week 25 of pregnancy. The brain cells are maturing quickly and brain development is taking place rapidly. The baby at 25 weeks pregnant is seen moving very actively on an ultrasound. It touches its face, feet and may even grasp the umbilical cord with its hands. The baby’s lips and mouth are more sensitive now and its swallowing reflexes are also improving and developing. With the brain cells maturing so fast, the baby is able to hear sounds outside the womb more clearly now. Your baby is able to recognize your voice or your partners voice more easily now. Many women also ask their doctors, “What are the survival chances for my baby at 25 weeks pregnant?” If the baby is born at this stage in the pregnancy, it has an 80% chance of survival with aggressive medical assistance.

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