What can be done for continuous miscarriages?

(March 23, 2010)

A miscarriage describes the condition of having a pregnancy end before the fetus is able to survive. Continuous miscarriages require immediate medical attention and should not be take slightly. Among the several causes for miscarriage, an underlying illness or disorder is one of the most prominent. It is thus important to diagnose the underlying cause for your continuous miscarriages to help determine your method of treatment and to prevent any future miscarriages. Other factors that may lead to a miscarriage include certain kinds of infections, abdominal trauma and emotional disturbances. High stress levels and hormonal imbalances may also lead to a miscarriage. To help remedy a continuous miscarriage, you should make a few necessary lifestyle changes, in addition to the treatment your health care specialist wishes to pursue. You can also help prevent miscarriages with the help of a few simple home remedies.

Lifestyle changes are absolutely vital to help prevent miscarriages.
Firstly, ensure that you have a healthy diet and eating habits. Eat foods that are rich in vitamin E and folic acid to help prevent nutritional deficiencies that may lead to a miscarriage. Other foods that help prevent miscarriages include fresh green vegetables, zinc-rich foods, papaya, oranges, garlic, asparagus, rosemary, celery and fenugreek. Include plenty of sprouts, fish, almonds and pulses to help maintain a healthy pregnancy diet. Such a diet should be well balanced in terms of protein, mineral and carbohydrate content. However, it is equally important to exclude certain things from your everyday diet that may be the underlying cause of your miscarriage. Therefore, you should avoid consuming alcohol, caffeine, excessively fatty foods and nicotine to eliminate the possibility of a miscarriage. Always check with your doctor about the suitability of prescribed drugs and over the counter medications. Certain types of medication may lead to a miscarriage. In addition, you should ensure that you get an adequate amount of rest when you are pregnant. This ensures that your stress levels are controlled and helps prevent emotional disturbances that may be harmful for your unborn child. You can also help treat continuous miscarriage with the help of a few home remedies.

An effective remedy for miscarriage is raspberry. Raspberry tea works to strengthen the uterus and thereby helps prevent miscarriages. This iron-rich tea also helps prevent uterine infection and hemorrhage. Nutmeg tea is another effective way to prevent miscarriages. Herbs like cramp bark, wild yam and hawthorn help prevent miscarriage.

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