What causes vomiting in a toddler while feeding?

(February 12, 2010)

Toddlers vomit on account of varied possible reasons and it could be anything from the feeling of being too full to an infection of the intestines that your toddler might have. Usually, in the case of younger children, bringing up is often just another way of communicating that they are too full. This is particularly true in the case of infants when they have been overfed. If this happens, one could go easy on the toddler by allowing the stomach to settle without giving him or her additional food for a while. Electrolyte solutions would be best for this period when solid foods have been withdrawn and these see to it that the toddler does not have to suffer from the additional problem of dehydration. There are too many cases of toddlers and adults alike who suffer from mild to severe dehydration on account of fluid loss which can be an extremely rapid occurrence when vomiting and staying way from drinks and food. The toddler would tend to be fussy and irritable due to the vomiting and would probably experience loss of appetite. Forcing the toddler to eat would simply be counterproductive since the stomach should be allowed time to recover and the sight of food can often induce vomiting.

During this period of rest, the toddler would have to sip on electrolytes. One can think of ways in which to get the little one to be induced to take these. One could try using the electrolytes to make ice pops or iced drinks. If the toddler is still fussy about these, one could then try options such as a healthy and soothing clear broth. There is still debate about milk for a toddler when faced with the problem of vomiting. Some doctors suggest changing the brand while others feel that milk should be avoided altogether for the initial 12 or possibly 24 hour period. The vomiting would be expected to pass in the initial period of approximately 24 hours and it often does so without any major changes in the toddler’s lifestyle or diet. If toddler vomiting continues, it would be best to check with the little one’s doctor. Also, if one finds that the vomiting is a frequent occurrence with the toddler, it would be in the toddler’s best interest to make an appointment for a checkup since after the first few months, regular vomiting during feeding is not normal.

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