Physical Body Changes During Pregnancy

Submitted by Nic on January 16, 2012

A pregnancy is one of the most wonderful experiences in life. Knowing that you are about to take care of and give birth to a living being can give a couple boundless joy. Preparing for the arrival of the baby gets your mind off the worries of the world and there is nothing that worries you at this time. Preparations for the baby include physical and emotional changes that are undertaken by the mother’s body and are changes that she looks forward to. Physical body changes during pregnancy involve the change of shape and size.


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The mother’s body tends to get larger and she puts on weight to accommodate her growing baby. This change, however, is not really noticeable till about the eighth week of the pregnancy. Simultaneously, there are a number of hormonal changes that are taking place within the mother’s body, and these are responsible for the way she feels emotionally.

She may encounter mood swings that will definitely confuse a partner, but the partner must be understanding and give constant moral support in order to avoid any untoward instances.

Physical body changes during early pregnancy include breast tenderness and back pains that are experienced frequently. During the first few weeks, the hormonal imbalance may also cause nausea and the urge to vomit. The mere smell of food may make an expectant woman to feel sick. Because of the fact that this phenomenon usually happens in the early hours of the morning, it is known as morning sickness. Tracking physical changes during pregnancy, month by month, is an endearing task that can be a lot of fun. Hormonal and physical changes during pregnancy are expected and must be accommodated by all members of the household, while ensuring that the expectant mother is made to feel comfortable at all times. During the initial stages, the doctor may monitor physical changes during pregnancy week by week, in order to assess the progress being made by the developing fetus.

Emotional and physical changes during pregnancy have been dealt with by couples all over the world, while they have been expecting children. Though you may feel the strain of dealing with mood swings and unimaginable desires that the expectant mother may have, it is your duty as a partner to make her feel as comfortable as possible. Sharing a light moment with the expectant mother, now and then, will definitely help to get her mind off the anxiety of her pregnancy for a while.

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