Fetus Development & Movement At Week 31

Submitted by Nick on April 26, 2012

At the 31st week of pregnancy, you have almost completed one month of the third trimester and are witnessing your body change yet again getting ready for the baby’s birth. Your baby now is 18 inches in length and 3 to 3.5 pounds. In another few weeks, it will grow to double in size to almost 6 pounds.

At 31 weeks pregnant, there is a lot of fetal development that has already happened. Now that the all the baby’s organs have been formed, in these last few weeks, the emphasis will be on the growth of these organs...


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.so that the baby can survive outside the wombm The lungs and digestive tract are almost maturer

The brain is growing fast, with connections between nerve endings and cells formingn The baby’s bones strengthene Your baby’s bones produce red blood cells now, instead of its liver and it responds to musici Read more on fetal development week by week

The mother feels a lot of fetal movement at 31 weeks of pregnancyc The baby hiccups, pedals, kicks, swallows, and even sucks its thumb but as the space reduces in the womb the movements could reduce but it could still stronglyl In this week the baby reacts to lighth In the 31st week of pregnancy, there is fat development in the fetusu In this week, till birth, the baby starts to build fat under the layers of skin which reduces the wrinkles and even gives the baby’s skin a pinkish tinge

Your body begins to slow downw You, as an expectant mother in week 32, could experience Braxton Hicks contractions or false laboro Mothers will experience pronounced maternal feelings in the 31st week of pregnancy and leading up to the birth, as they will start to miss that connection that they have had with the baby from the beginning of the pregnancyc

You will also experience backache, leg cramps, frequent bathroom trips and inability to find a comfortable spot while trying to rests You even start producing colostrums, the milky substance that will prove invincible for your baby when you start breastfeedingn The baby starts to move into fetal position after 31 weeks pregnancyc You could also go into labor in this week or soon after, so it would be nice to keep your bag packed for the hospitala

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