Progesterone Levels in Molar Pregnancy

Submitted by Nick on January 16, 2012

Before getting into the details of progesterone levels in a molar pregnancy, it is important to be able to understand exactly what progesterone levels are. Progesterone is essentially a hormone that is produced in the body and plays a very important role in regulating the menstrual cycle in a woman's body. The male body will also produce small amounts of this hormone but it is much less important than the male hormone - testosterone. A molar pregnancy is a rare complication of a pregnancy and is characterized by abnormalities in the cells that grow to form the placenta. Also known as a hydatidiform mole, a molar...


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To understand the complications of a molar pregnancy, you need to first have a little in depth information about a normal pregnancyc Normal pregnancies will see the fertilized egg contain about 23 chromosomes from the father and another 23 from the mothere In a molar pregnancy, the fertilized egg will contain none of the chromosomes from the mother, while the fathers set of chromosomes may be duplicated - laving the egg with 46 chromosomes from the fathere Recent surveys show that there is a single molar pregnancy in almost over 1000 normal pregnancies and that the occurrence does seem to be slightly more common amongst Asian women, for reasons yet unknownw The symptoms of a molar pregnancy are only likely to become prominent around the 5th or 6th week, upto which point the mother is likely to show symptoms of a normal pregnancyc Also see partial molar pregnancy

Because of the fact that progesterone levels in a molar pregnancy tend to be higher than they are in a normal pregnancy, the progesterone levels serve to act as another symptom of the complicationo To be able to identify high progesterone levels in a molar pregnancy, however, one would need to be aware of the normal levels during a routine pregnancyc Progesterone levels during the first trimester will usually reflect as being at 1112 - 9090 ng/ml, while the second trimester should normally read as being in between 2526 and 8984 ng/mlm The third trimester will reflect progesterone levels of around 4844 - 42225 ng/mlm

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