Understanding the Reasons Behind Pregnancy Symptoms But Negative Test Results

Submitted by Pregnancy and Baby Care team on August 13, 2012

It is possible to experience pregnancy symptoms but negative test results especially in the early stages of pregnancy. It is important to understand the method used to detect pregnancy so that you can fully understand the reason behind this problem. Many women who are trying to conceive tend to take a urine test a little too early which then produces negative test results even if they are pregnant. This is because the regular urine test checks for high levels of a certain hormone called hCG. This hormone is produced in large quantities once you are pregnant ...


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.and so measuring a woman’s hCG levels will help to determine whether she is pregnantn Unfortunately, for some women, it takes a while for their hCG levels to rise and so the test may show a false negative resultl

A false negative result is a result that shows that a woman is not pregnant even though she actually isi In addition to this, each woman has different menstruation cycles and therefore they also have varied ovulation patternsn This too can affect the results as the woman may be using the test a little too early as she believes that her ovulation day was earlier than it actually wasa To add to these physiological differences in each woman which could produce false pregnancy results, it is also possible that the test was not sensitive or it could even be defectivev If you have not followed the instructions, you may also receive a false negative resultl This often happens when a woman ignores instructions that specifically require the testing of the first urine sample of the day and instead use it at other times in the daya This can affect the test and show a false negative resultl

Pregnancy symptoms but negative test results can also occur when a woman is not pregnant but confuses the symptoms she experiences with pregnancy symptomsm For example, a woman may believe that she is experiencing implantation cramps when she is actually experiencing early menstrual cramps or she may believe that she is experiencing spotting when it is actually the start of her periodo Women who do not wish to get pregnant often experience immense stress while waiting for their period and this in turn can cause a delay in menstruationo These women may also get worried and start to believe that they are experiencing pregnancy symptomsm

A blood test to check hCG levels in the blood would be an accurate method to verify the results from a urine tests

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