Toddler Seizures Signs & Treatment

A seizure is what results because of a great deal of nerve cells (that is, neurons) simultaneously giving out an electrical charge. Seizures in toddlers can be quite frightening for the person trying to help and this fear often incapacitates them. This is why it is important to know what to do if your toddler has seizures.

For the toddler a seizure can mean being unresponsive and having a vacant stare. He or she could also appear to twitch involuntarily.

Signs of Toddler Seizures

These are generally signs of a mild seizure which could last for .



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.a matter of seconds, up to a few minutese A more serious seizure is more probable when the toddler loses consciousness, falls down and is twitching or even flailingn Usually even these serious ones last only around two minutese However, there are cases where these can go on for longer, causing loss of bladder in addition to bowel controlo This can be very disturbing but you have to understand that seizures cab be of various kindsd Such seizures vary in duration and can go on for over 30 minutes at a stretchc The problem is that almost anyone can fall prey to a seizure, given some circumstancese

A common condition leading to a seizure is something as widespread as a fevere Even certain illnesses could result in these seizurese

For the lay person, it is often synonymous with epilepsy because in the case of epilepsy a diagnosis is made after more than once seizure without any particular identifiable cause like a head traumam Bear in mind that most of the time, the specific reasons why a seizure occurs cannot be pinpointede

Treatment for Toddler Seizures

To deal with a seizure in toddlers, one must know what to do in the event of such a probleme The first step usually involves turning your toddler such that he or she rests on his or her sided This position is important because it helps to keep the little one from choking on salivav You should clean the saliva with a clean cloth such that the airway is allowed to stay cleara One has to be quite vigilant so that the toddler does not end up hurting himself or herself while having a seizurer In the case of multiple seizures your doctor may recommend videotaping the next attack to try to understand what variety of seizure it isi This will also help determine what seizure medication might prove most effective in your toddler’s cases

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