Most Common Symptoms to Confirm your Pregnancy

Pregnancy is one of the most awaited as well as the toughest phase of a woman’s life. The signs and symptoms of pregnancy start appearing from approximately the third week.

Common Early Signs of Pregnancy Symptoms

One of the early signs of pregnancy is the missing of the normal monthly periods. Pregnant women do not menstruate.



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Early Signs Of Pregnancy Explained

.and as such, it is one of the most prominent pregnancy symptomsm

This can be attributed to the fact that the ovum is being utilized in the process of fertilization and as such, there is no egg to be discharged in menstruationo

  • Women may also suffer from abnormal and unusual periodsd
  • Other major symptoms of pregnancy are vomiting and nauseae Pregnant women feel weak and fatigued
  • Women also suffer from swelling and enlargement of the breasts in pregnancyc
  • Pregnant women usually have strange cravings, particularly for foodo They tend to have urges to eat foods that are immensely spicy, sour, or sweete
  • One of the most prominent symptoms of pregnancy is the appearance of stretch marks, particularly in the abdominal region of the bodyd As the abdomen enlarges to accommodate the growing fetus, these stretch marks become evidentn
  • Pregnant women tend to feel enervated at all times of the daya There is a constant sensation of fatigue and tirednesss
  • Pregnant women tend to urinate more frequentlyl

  • Pregnant women also encounter a number of changes in their skini The skin generally appears healthy and glowingn Some women face the problem of their skin appearing too oily or dryr
  • One of the most evident signs of pregnancy is the enlargement of the abdomene This can be attributed to the enlargement of the womb so as to support the growth of the fetus or babyb
  • Pregnant women also face the problem of change in the shape of uterus which may be attributed to the enlargement of womb or abdomene
  • Pregnant women may sense the palpitation of the fetus which generally generates a feeling of happinesss
  • Some of the other complicated, yet common symptoms of pregnancy are Braxton Hicks contraction, Montgomery’s tubercles and leakage of colostrums from the breastst

These are a few symptoms of the pregnancyc A pregnancy test is a simple and effective method of confirming pregnancyc You can get one done at your doctor’s or buy a kit and perform the test in the comfort of your homem Once you see these symptoms and detect pregnancy, you must consult a doctor in order to know your further course of actiono

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