The Best I-Phone Pregnancy Apps

A pregnancy guru that you can carry around in your pocket: every mom-to-be's dream! The best I-phone pregnancy apps are
The Best I-Phone Pregnancy Apps

Congratulations on your pregnancy! There are a lot of changes that will now take place in your life and your body. The next 9 months will be filled with family, friends and doctors offering their best wishes, concern, help and advice. If all that is not enough, you can turn your smart phone into your pregnancy advisor/ guru, just by downloading a few mobile apps. With a choice of hundreds of different pregnancy apps, read on to find out which ones are a favorite with other moms-to-be –

1. Sprout Pregnancy Essentials:

If you’d like to see life-like 3-D images of your little one, this mini-ultrasound-like app is the first thing you should download. Sprout Pregnancy Essentials is one of the most popular mobile apps for expectant moms. Some of the features offered by this program include –

  • Weekly updates on your baby and your body
  • Medical advice by professional doctors
  • Weight tracking tools
  • Contraction timer
  • Kick counter

This app is available for just US$ 2.99 and can be connected to social websites for you to share your pregnancy information with family and friends.

2. BabyBump Pregnancy Pro:

Pregnancy brain is a common problem faced by many to-be-moms. If you have trouble keeping track of things, let this app do all the remembering for you. Its colorful graphics, easy-to-use interface and sleek design make BabyBump a favorite with many mamas-in-the-making. Some of its features include –

  • Week-by-week updates on the baby’s growth and development
  • Weight charts and trackers
  • Due date calculator
  • Kick counter
  • Contraction timer
  • Calendars and journals

For just US$ 3.99, you can have access to a forum full of other pregnant women, who know exactly what you are going through.

3. iPregnancy

iPregnancy is one of the few apps that have been designed by an Obstetrician/Gynecologist, and it allows you to keep track of important information. After each doctor’s visit, you can compare notes about your –

  • Weight gain
  • Blood pressure reading
  • Ultrasound images
  • Fetal heartbeat rate

For US$ 3.99, this app also gives you access to a long list of baby names.

4. Pregnancy Companion

Just the name of this app makes it appealing to many an expecting mom! A little animated mama-to-be literally acts like a close companion and takes you through a comprehensive list of everything you need to know. Some of the features present in this app include –

  • Weekly pregnancy guide
  • Appointment scheduler
  • Drug-safety list
  • Dietary journal
  • Weight gain tracker
  • Hydration counter
  • Prenatal yoga poses and acupressure points
  • Baby-name list

Available for just US$ 0.99, this app also provide a list of healthy recipes

5. Positive Pregnancy:

It is a well-known fact that pregnancy is no cakewalk; in fact, it can be a highly stressful time for many expecting moms. Therefore, pregnant women are often advised to join forums, practice yoga, meditate, engage in a hobby, go for massages, sleep well and get plenty of rest. You can now add your smart phone to your list of stress busters – the Positive Pregnancy mobile app is here to help you cope with stress and anxiety! By downloading this app, you can get –

  • Positive affirmations each day
  • Tips on how to relax
  • Visualization to support sleep and improve mood
  • Images that can help you bond with your baby

This meditation guide can be purchased for just US$ 2.99.

Phone applications are available when you are on the go and make life very convenient. However, they should not be used as a substitute for family, friends and medical experts. Don’t get too caught up in a digital world and make sure that you interact with others regularly to form a reliable support system.

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