On Second Thoughts: When is it time to have a Second Child?

On Second Thoughts: What is the best time to have a Second Child?
Best time for having second child

The decision to expand your family and have another child is an important one. There is no way of knowing for sure how it will all turn out in the future and so the best you can do is to evaluate your situation and make a thoughtful decision. The key to making your decision lies in asking yourself the right questions. Sit with your partner and try to answer these questions. Rest assured that there is no wrong answer, since each couple is different and has different needs.

Best time to have a second baby

A second child will change your financial position. Be realistic about whether you are able to afford the added expenses. Evaluate if you have the time and patience to devote to a second child. Most parents are able to easily accommodate a second child as well as the first one, but it is still better to think it through.

Most health experts recommend waiting for two or three years after the birth of your first child. This allows the first child to develop emotionally and also gives the parents adequate time to get settled. However, each family’s situation is unique and the same advice may not work well for everyone.

Parental age is a factor that most couples worry about when planning a family. Women over 38 years may not have the option of spacing their children three years apart. Most parents also have an idea of how old they would want to be when they have completed their family. So talk it over with your partner. It is important that both of you agree on the decision.

Tips for Second Pregnancy

If you decide to have a second child, here are some helpful tips for you;

  • Keep in mind that your body has changed since your first pregnancy. You may have been able to exercise vigorously or continue working the first time, but maybe not the second time. Pay attention to your body and seek your doctor’s advice.
  • Talk to your first child about her feelings on the arrival of a new sibling. Encourage a bond early on by making her listen to your stomach for the baby’s kicking. This will also help her understand the process better.
  • Teach your older child how to hold a baby with the help of a doll or teddy bear. This will help her understand how delicate a newborn baby is and how to hold her gently and lovingly.
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