What to Expect At 34 Weeks Pregnant?

(February 16, 2011)

34 Weeks Pregnant What to Expect

Both mother and child would have put on weight and the fetus is growing rapidly at this stage. The mother may experience shortness of breath because the bloated uterus presses against the other organs. At this stage the baby is in the upper part of the abdomen and will be pressing against the diaphragm. Towards the end of the term of pregnancy it will move downwards into the pelvic region. As there is the possibility of early labor the doctors ask the mother to be careful as this is not good for the baby. Resting and following the doctor’s orders will help in keeping the pregnancy in tact. Rest is required by the 34 weeks pregnant mother.

During this stage of pregnancy the fetus is between 15 to 17 inches in length and around 2 to 2.5 kgs. in weight. The exact weight of the fetus should not cause concern as long as it is within normal parameters. The baby puts on body fat to help to regulate the temperature and its organs are almost completely formed except for the lungs. The baby hiccups often and this can be felt by the mother. The hair on the head has started to grow and the baby can blink its eyes now. It is settling into the position for birth with its head down and the doctor will monitor this position from time to time. In case the baby is in a breach position then the doctor will perform a cesarean.

34 Week Pregnant Symptoms

Because of the growth of the fetus in the womb and the increase in the amniotic fluid the belly button of the mother will be pushed outwards and totally expanded. The baby’s movement will cause acidity and there will be sour eruptions and burning sensations. Eating smaller meals more frequently will help in curbing this symptom. There could be minor swelling on the hands and feet and face. If this is too much, tell your doctor about it. The doctor will explain the process of birth to the mother and father and also how to recognize the contractions.

34 Week Pregnant With Twins

The position of the babies will remain as they are in the case of multiple births. This is because there is not much room for them to move around or turn. The babies could remain in several different positions including both being head first. However this is very rare and most often one will be in the vertex position and the other in the breach. Most often when a woman is pregnant with more than a single baby she could give birth between the 34th and the 37th week.

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