What to Expect During 39 Week of Pregnancy?

(January 4, 2011)

At 39 weeks of pregnancy, an expectant mother is almost at the end of her long journey towards motherhood. If taking into consideration ovulation week 39 what to expect, the answer is the arrival of your little angel at any moment.

Having dealt with the pregnancy for such a long time, it is but natural for any expectant mother to be impatient about the arrival of her baby and wonder about fetus week 39 what to expect. At this stage, it is not uncommon for women to feel a certain amount of anxiety centered on labor and the process of child birth. In most cases of a normal pregnancy, women begin to experience the signs of labor as early as the 36th week of gestation but do not realize it. This holds true mainly in the case of women who are pregnant for the first time. Hence, the most common question on the mind of a pregnant woman who is nearing the anticipated date of her baby’s arrival is what to expect during the 39th week of pregnancy. Read more 39 weeks pregnant what to expect

There are a number of factors in answer to the question - baby week 39 what to expect? As the baby prepares for its entry into the world, the mother goes through a process known as lightening. At this phase, the mother experiences a lowering of her abdomen as the baby takes on as inverted position with its head resting on the opening of her uterus. As this happens, the woman would definitely find it easier to breathe as the baby is no longer pushing on her diaphragm. However, since the baby falls lower in the abdomen, pressure is exerted on the bladder resulting in an increase in the frequency to urinate. Contractions, abdominal pain and back pain also become common as the time for the baby’s arrival draws near. A change in the texture and consistency of vaginal discharge can also be expected at 39 weeks of gestation. This is because of the loss of the mucus plug that blocks the opening of the uterus, thus ensuring that the risk of spread of infection to the uterus is minimal throughout the term of the pregnancy. Some women lose this mucus plug in the form of a gooey blob while others may experience a thicker than normal discharge. This discharge is generally similar to the white of an egg. The loss of the mucus plugs signals that active labor is near. A sudden flow of liquid through the vagina indicates the breaking of the water bag which holds the baby. Once this happens, active labor is inevitable. 

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