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  • Stress And Pregnancy

    Stress in Pregnancy: Early Pregnancy Stress & Test for Stress

    By Ashley | March 12, 2010
    Many women face an increase in stress and anxiety levels during pregnancy. It is not unexpected for a woman to be worried about the well being of the baby developing within her womb. Many women are also plagued with other concerns like their ...
  • Obesity During Pregnancy

    Obesity Complications in Pregnant Women

    By Ashley | March 12, 2010
    Weight gain is often one of the most worrying factors for any woman who is going through the experience of expecting a child. Over the course of the trimesters, there are innumerable changes that take place within the mother’s body – both, ...
  • Caffeine And Low Birth Weight

    Caffeine In Pregnancy & Fetal Weight Reduction

    By Ashley | February 24, 2010
    Pregnancy comes with a number of complications as well as lifestyle adjustment that are seriously required. While a lot of people are aware of the fact that an expecting mother will require tremendous physical and mental strength throughout the ...
  • Canola Oil Benefits Pregnancy

    Canola Oil & Lowering Of Breast Cancer Risk In Offspring

    By Ashley | February 24, 2010
    Going through a pregnancy is usually a very daunting experience for any expecting mother. The amount of mental and physical strength required during this phase is paramount in order to ensure a normal delivery as well as normal offspring. Moreover, ...
  • Bariatric Surgery Pre Pregnancy

    Benefits of Bariatric Surgery To Pregnancy

    By Ashley | February 24, 2010
    Although bariatric surgery has been around for a few years now, it has only become more prominent recently because of the aesthetic benefits that the operation provides. However, it should not be forgotten that the surgery was originally developed ...
  • Parents Smoking Risks On Kids

    Parent Smoking During Pregnancy Raises Kids’ Heart Risks

    By Ashley | February 24, 2010
    An entire pregnancy is a time where a lot of care is required for and by the expecting mother. Almost any of the natural circumstances and environment we are subject to will play a role in how fit and healthy the child is at birth and after. A ...
  • Folate Risks In Pregnancy

    Folate in Early Pregnancy May Boost Wheezing in Baby

    By Ashley | February 24, 2010
    While everybody is aware of the fact that a pregnancy requires an expecting mother to have a lot of physical and emotional strength over the entire duration, a lot of people tend to ignore the fact that showing restraint is another very important ...
  • Cesarean Birth And Vitamin D

    Vitamin D Deficit in Pregnancy Tied to Caesarean Risk

    By Ashley | February 24, 2010
    Vitamin D plays a rather important role in the maintenance of a number of organ systems within the human body and also helps increase the flow of calcium into the bloodstream, by increasing the absorption of phosphorous and calcium from the food ...
  • Chemicals Affect Pregnancy

    Common Chemicals May Delay Pregnancy

    By Ashley | February 24, 2010
    The entire pregnancy phase can be a very daunting time, with the amount of physical and emotional strength that the mother requires to get through it. Things aren’t helped by the number of complications that are likely to rear their heads during ...
  • Preeclampsia Affects Pregnancy

    Preeclampsia in Pregnancy Boosts Future Health Risks

    By Ashley | February 24, 2010
    Women who suffer from high blood pressure have normal babies however in certain cases this can harm the mothers’ brain, kidney and other organs as well. In more severe cases the mother develops preeclampsia also known as toxemia of pregnancy which ...
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