Funky Summer Hairstyles For Kids

From cute bobs to twirled pigtails, crew cuts and fine spikes Check out funky hairstyles for your kids this summer.
Cool Summer Hairstyles for Kids

Come summer time and as a parent you have a lot more on your plate. What with packing for the beach, herding your brood to the pool and planning the next camping trip, the last thing you need to spend time on is styling your daughter’s hair or shampooing your son’s locks for the millionth time in a day. After all, kids being kids they are just going to go out and mess it all up again aren’t they? What you do need are summer hairstyles for kids that are carefree yet cute. Make the most of the holidays and go for a natural and relaxed look that leaves you with more time off as well. Here are some top picks to beat the heat from hairstylists around the country…

For your sweet little missy

Yes, yes, we know… you want your little princess to look pretty and girlish but you still don’t want to spend hours fiddling with long hair and messy dos. Don’t worry there are enough styles that meet your requirements and go the distance in the humidity of the summer. If you insist on keeping the length, think about tying her hair into pigtails or loose ponytails. Simply part the hair into equal bunches and braid the hair into a cute and summery style. Headbands also work a treat by keeping bangs off the forehead and helping your little one keep her cool during the long hot summer days.  If you are willing to cut her hair, choose a medium length bob that is slightly above the shoulders. This will allow you to keep it loose as well as tie it up if necessary. Did we mention that this style is easy to clean and detangle as well?

For your prancing munchkin

For young boys the best cuts for summer are the really short ones. Spikes and crew cuts are great for the little terrors that love to run and play with anything and everything. These low-maintenance styles dry in a flash and are almost mess-proof. You could even buzz cut his hair yourself. Cut it down to one-eighth of an inch if you want it extra short or leave it at three-fourths of an inch for a slightly longer style.  A comb down is another option if your little one is not as active as most. It’s short but allows you to style his hair a little differently so that he remains as trendy as you.

The latest rage in hairstyles for both girls and boys is the choppy tousled look. Just take a look at any of the current teen or tween stars and you will know what we mean. Effortless and easy to maintain, this laid-back style is perfect for slightly older kids. Just wash, dry and mess up the hair with your fingers for that perfect just rolled out of bed look. This style works amazingly well on straight as well as curly or wavy hair.

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