Living In Oblivion: Myths Associated with Conceiving

Living In Oblivion: There are several myths associated with conceiving, these need to be cleared.
Myths associated with conception

If you are trying to get pregnant, the odds are that you are overwhelmed with the pages and pages of information and advice available on tips and tricks to get pregnant. Books, websites, magazines, and even family and friends are full of advice and suggestions on how to get pregnant. Amongst all these, there are several myths about getting pregnant that need to be cleared. Here are five common conception myths:

Myth no. 1: You will increase your chance of conceiving if you make love during the day when the sperm levels are the highest. Research however proves that though sperm levels may be a little higher in the morning, it is not significant enough to guarantee a pregnancy.

Myth no. 2: You must have sex every day to increase the chances of conceiving. Studies have shown that there is no difference in the rates of conception between couples, who have sex every day or every second or third day. As long as you have sex when the woman is ovulating, the chances are not affected in the least.

Myth no. 3: An old time favorite myth is that if you have sex and conceive early on in your ovulation period, you will have a baby boy. If you conceive towards the end of your fertile period, you will have a girl. This myth is based on the belief that male sperm swim faster. However, there is no scientific evidence to prove this, making the myth redundant.

Myth no. 4: You can prevent getting pregnant after unprotected sex by doing jumping jacks. Doing such vigorous exercises causes the sperm to fall out. Be warned that sperm once in the vagina stay inside and do their best to find an egg no matter how you contort your body. In much the same way, douching does not prevent pregnancy either. Rather, by doing so, you may push the sperm even closer to the cervix and increase the chances of fertilization.

Myth no. 5: Sexual positions such as girl on top cannot lead to pregnancy as the sperm find it difficult to swim upwards. This is as far from the truth as possible. Sperm are hardy little swimmers and they can make their way to an egg from any position. Similarly, keeping the woman's legs raised after intercourse only increases the rate of conception minimally.

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