What Music to Listen to When Pregnant

Some soothing music can make pregnant woman feel more relaxed and peaceful!
Music for women during pregnancy

Pregnancy can be stressful at times and you need to do all you can to keep your cool and reduce any tension. If this means, taking time out for a massage or even a quiet cup of tea, then make the time for it. Remember a calmer you, means a calmer, happier baby. Many women like to listen to music during pregnancy. Even half an hour a day spent listening to some soothing music can make you feel more relaxed and peaceful. Studies show that your heart rate slows down in time to the music, so choose pieces of music with a tempo of around sixty beats per minute for an optimum resting rate for your heart. Avoid listening to sad and depressing songs. Your hormones are constantly changing during pregnancy and therefore you become extremely sensitive and moody. During your third trimester, just before labor, you may experience a surge of the 'nesting instinct.' Peppy music and dance beats that are not too frenetic are an ideal accompaniment as you carry out your cleaning and other tasks.

Research also proves that the baby in your womb can benefit from listening to music. There are studies that indicate that music enhances fetal development depending on the type of music you listen to. Most experts suggest you listen to instrumental or classical music for your baby. Classical music such as symphonies by Mozart are perfect, as they contain the right blend of new and repetitive sounds that babies soon learn to recognize and enjoy. Your baby may also enjoy a variety of different music genres, so experiment with what works and makes the both of you happy. In fact an exposure to diverse types of music may influence your baby’s language and writing skills in the future according to some neuropsychologists. You can either listen to the music on your stereo or in the car while you drive around, or you can go the direct route and place your headphones over your belly. If you choose to use the headphones, never crank up the volume as this may harm or startle the baby. Restrict your music time to one hour a day, as this may over stimulate the baby.

Arguments still exist between scientists who claim that music enhances fetal development and others who insist that these beliefs are based on hearsay and not on any scientific evidence. At the end of the day, if music makes you happy during your pregnancy, go ahead and listen to what you want and when you want. The fact that your baby may benefit as well is merely an added incentive.

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