Hold Them Right: How to hold your Baby-Pouch, Sling or Pram?

Techniques for holding your baby safely.
Holding Your Baby Right Manner

Your baby is fragile and soft, and you need to hold her gently and reassuringly. Babies often howl when you hold them uncomfortably or insecurely. Since your baby still does not have complete head control, the head is likely to lag without adequate support. When holding your little one, make sure that you keep the head secure and protected at all times. You can also use a baby pouch, sling or pram to carry your baby.

How to hold your baby

If you're still wondering how to hold your baby in the safest way possible, then here are two techniques for you;

  • When picking up your baby from a lying down position, pick her up with one hand supporting her bottom and the other securing her head. You can also pick her up under the arms while keeping your fingers behind her head for support. Then position her in a cradled position in your arms with her head lying in the crook of your elbow.
  • When carrying your baby, keep her close to your body and cradled in your arms. You can also rest her against your shoulder with one hand resting against her bottom and the other securing her back.

How to hold your baby pouch

If you are right-handed, you can wear your baby pouch or sling on your right shoulder. Left-handed people can wear it on the left shoulder. You can also interchange the position depending on your preference.

Different Holds for the Babysling

  • In the tummy to tummy hold, your baby will face into you with her legs spread against your abdomen and bottom safely scooped in the pocket of the sling. Pull the outside of the sling up to the base of her neck for more support.
  • In the cradle hold, your baby will be cradled in the sling close to your body. This is ideal for privacy during nursing.
  • In the back pack hold, you will first place your baby in the sling against your hip and then rotate the sling under your arm and around to your back. This is perfect for toddlers.

It is important to make sure that you are using a safe baby sling. Remember to inspect any baby carrier carefully to ensure that it is secure. This should be done each time you use it.

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