Bring Out the Child in You!: Games to play with your Kids

Bring Out the Child in You: Games you can play with kids indoors.
Games to play with kids

Kids need constant entertaining and if you are the kind of parent who doesn't believe in turning the TV set into a glorified babysitter, it's time to get creative and start playing some games with the kids. No matter what the weather, there is always something you can organize to help them spend their time in a productive and enjoyable manner. Choose from the following list of games to play with kids:

When bad weather strikes and the kids can't go out to play, here are some great games to play with them indoors:

Penny hockey: Split up into teams and go all out shooting the penny ‘puck' into the goal! A surefire way to get the laughter started.

Fingerprint Analysis: Turn your little ones into detectives and teach them how to transfer fingerprints onto sticky tape and identify individual markings with a magnifying glass. You can even develop this into your own mystery game and solve an imaginary 'crime.'

Coffee can stilts: Make stilts with old coffee cans and ropes for your kids and have a blast conducting races and competitions.

Obstacle course: This works as a treat for the little ones. Create a homemade obstacle course using tables, cushions, cartons, and overturned stools and get the kids moving.

As the weather warms up and you head outside, there are several fun outdoor games to play with kids. These let them enjoy the sun and fresh air and get lots of exercise while they are at it.

Sardines: This is a classic game that never loses its appeal. The opposite of hide and seek, just one person hides and all the other kids look for him. Each kid goes looking out for the sole hidden person and once he finds him, he also hides with him. He does not announce the hiding place to the others. This continues as each seeker hides in the same place and all get packed like a can of sardines. The game continues till the last person discovers the hidden seekers.

Outdoor painting: Hang up an old sheet on a clothesline or fence and hand over a collection of paints, brushes, and accessories such as leaves and branches to your kids. Let them unleash their creativity and swirl and splash the paint on this giant canvas.

Carnival time: Make your own carnival. Rope in the adults and older kids to set up tents and design simple games such as ring toss and horseshoe ring. Add to this, sack race competitions and a pie-eating contest along with streamers and balloons and you have you own backyard carnival!

Other outdoor games you can play with your kids include playing hopscotch, jump rope, juggling contests, frisbee, tag, Red Rover, Four Square, and Capture the Flag.

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