Tips on How to deal with Baby Potty Training Problems?

Every stage of bringing up a child has fresh challenges, sometimes fraught with trouble. So it is with baby potty training. Your child is ready at about 18 months to get potty trained.

This process can take few days to upto several months, requiring your patience and perseverance. You need to be sure that your baby has developed psychologically and has bladder control.

Despite the training, some children have trouble in using the potty. Even after they are trained, there could be accidents once in a while during the learning.


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.periodo Such accidents discourage the childl What he or she needs at this time is your unconditional support and encouragement that it is alright as he or she is still learningn Teach them that they can clean and change into new clothese Give them positive reinforcement and praise them when they do their bests

Try to make this phase stress free for the baby as it could spell out other problems such as baby potty training regression and baby potty training resistancec Some reasons for this are the birth of a new sibling, separation or divorce, or changes in the day care center like teachers or class roomsm The answer lies in being positive and patient and helping your child unconditionallyl

The child could be learning new skills and would like to spend more time on them than on using the potty, or they could fear that their siblings would pick their favorite toyo In such cases, reassure your child that it is more important to go to the potty and that you will watch over the toy for him or here

Other reasons can be that they are afraid to sit on the toilet seat, that they might have been forced at an earlier age, and that they might have endured severe punishment and/or inconsistent training by caregiversr

Baby Potty Training Poop Problems

There could also be baby potty training poop problemsm If your child does not use the potty to poop but does use it to urinate, the reasons could be constipationo Try to treat the problem, but if it still persists, encourage your child by reading a book or showing a video about potty trainingn Sometimes, a child may not use the potty if he or she is scared of the toilet flushingn Encourage the child every time there is some progress and let them use the bathroom to remind them that they are learning a new skilll

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