24 Weeks Pregnant With Twins

Submitted by Nic on January 17, 2012

If you are 24 weeks pregnant with twins, it will be heartening to know that your babies will have a 90 percent chance of survival if birth occurs now with medical intervention. At this stage, your babies enter what is known as the stage of viability. The babies will continue to gain weight and in fact will double their weight during the next four weeks. By week 28, your babies will weigh about 3 pounds each and will be 15 inches in length. They continue to develop fat beneath the skin and this will help in balancing the body temperature after they are born. Their skin will also appear more pigmented and their hair...


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.and facial features will be more distinct and prominent nowo

Till now their eyelids would have remained closed or fused togethere

But during this month, they open upu You will even be able to see them open and close their eyelids on an ultrasoundn They are also able to respond to sound at this time and will be able to hear your voicec Each baby will sleep and wake up according to his or her own cyclel

At 24 weeks pregnant with twins weight gain will keep on taking placec You will become quite heavy by this time and this may affect your lower back and legsg The enlarging uterus and the pressure it starts exerting may cause back and leg achese Towards the end of the pregnancy, your babies will start moving downwards into the pelvis and there may be pelvic pain and discomfort due to thisi There is also likely to be pressure on the bladder and you may experience frequent urges to urinatet You will be able to feel the babies’ movements every daya But the intensity of their movements may change during this time since the space inside the uterus is limitede You may also experience Braxton Hicks contractions and these will feel similar to menstrual crampsp

Women carrying twins tend to experience heartburn to greater degree than women carrying single babiese At 24 weeks pregnant with twins your belly continues to increase in size and this puts pressure on the stomachc This is the reason why heartburn occursr In order to meet the requirements of a twin pregnancy, it is important for you to take good care of yourselfl A proper, healthy diet is important so that your babies receive the nourishment they requirer

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