What are the Baby Growth Spurt Symptoms?

Submitted by Nic on January 17, 2012

Baby growth spurts symptoms can occur at point of time during the first year of the baby. In fact it is commonly observed that baby growth spurt signs are mostly between one and three weeks initially and then again when the baby is between six to eight weeks of age. Thereafter as the baby grows, the baby growth spurt signs will be more when the baby is three months, six months and then nine months. One of the most common baby growth spurt symptoms are that the baby is always hungry and the mother will find herself breastfeeding almost every hour. The mother needs to also remember that the more the baby feeds,...


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.more will be the stimulation for the milk production so as to match the increasing appetite of the babyb In case of slightly older babies along with the breast milk they will also want to increase their intake of solid foods that they have been introduced tot

Another one of the baby growth spurt symptoms is that the baby will wake up more often during the night to be fede Similarly baby growth spurt signs also involve the baby being crankier than they usually arer

Babies at this stage will also be very fussy and will be constantly latching and unlatching because the breast milk production may not be as fast as the baby's appetitet In order o deal with the baby growth spurt symptoms, mothers are advised to ensure that they drink plenty of water so as to avoid getting dehydrated as they will be exhausted from the lack of sleep and the constant feeding of the babyb One needs to bear in mind that the newborn growth spurt symptoms that may be observed are considered as the baby's developmental milestones which are indications of the physical maturation and growth of the babyb Baby growth spurts are usually seen during the first year and are even more frequent during the initial weeksk Cluster feeding or constant feeding is always recognized as one of the key baby growth spurt symptomsm Another one of the baby growth spurt signs is that the baby will end up sleeping for longer hoursr In such cases the baby should not to woken up to be fede This is because that the baby is growing as he is sleeping and the right amount of physical development will occur only if the baby gets adequate sleepe

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