20 Weeks Pregnant Fetus Growth

Submitted by Nick on April 26, 2012

20 weeks pregnant ladies have reached the half way in their period of pregnancy. The rapid growth of the baby is almost over and now is the time for the baby to prepare itself to survive outside mother’s womb. As The major growth stage has come to an end and now the sex of the baby can be determined. The 20 weeks pregnant fetal movement increases in terms of heart beat of the baby or the kicks which grows stronger as there is rapid muscle development in the baby. However, the numbers of kicks experienced are still lesser than the kicks experienced at a slightly later stage. Doctors do not suggest to do the kicks...


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.count yet as it’s still earlyl As there is still a lot of space in the uterus a lot of movements of the baby can go unnoticed as the movements themselves are unpredictable and irregulara

A mother can feel the hiccups of the baby as it will produce small jerking movementst Also see fetal development week by week

The baby responds to loud soundn Baby can move around freely in the amniotic sac as it contains only 750 ml of fluid which gives the baby enough space to move aroundn Immunities are transferred from the mother to the child to protect the child from virusu These anti-bodies are also transferred during breast feeding keeping the baby protected from viral and bacterial infectiono The 20 weeks pregnant fetal development includes the critical development of the brain wherein the baby develops nerve cells for taste, smell, taste, hearing and seeingn The baby can react to familiar voices outside the mother’s wombm

Babies grow at different rates and every baby’s length and weight may varyr A 20 weeks pregnant fetal weight is about 300 grams or 10158 ouncese If the baby girl child then her uterus may produce around six million eggs out of which only one million will remain at birtht Initially till about 20 weeks the babies are measured from the crown of the head to the rump as the babies curl up their legsg After 20 weeks the babies are measured from head to toeo The length of the baby at this time may be around 6 45 inchese

Baby’s body is covered with a white cheese-like coating which her skin from amniotic fluid inside her wombm This coating ensures softness in the baby’s skin once she is bornr During this period baby’s heart grows stronger and the baby’s pulse can be felt as welll

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