Diabetes During Pregnancy Diet

Submitted by Nick on January 18, 2012

Diabetes during pregnancy is also known as gestational diabetes which tends to start during pregnancy when the body is not able to use the blood sugar or the glucose as well as it ideally should. As a result the levels of the blood sugar in the individual are higher than normal. Gestational diabetes during pregnancy is known to affect almost 1 to 3 % of pregnant women and is commonly known to occur during the second trimester of pregnancy.

In most cases gestational diabetes during pregnancy tends...


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.to go away on its own after the baby is deliverede Women who have been diagnosed as having gestational diabetes should be monitored closely as the high levels of blood sugar can be harmful to both the mother and the childl

If the woman is diabetic during pregnancy then there may be complication such as the baby developing jaundice, or having a low blood sugar level at birth or the baby may even weigh much more than normal which will result in the mother having to opt for a caesarean deliveryr

Gestational diabetes is also known to increase the risk of the mother suffering from pre-eclampsia or high blood pressure during pregnancy which is another serious medical condition if not suitably treatede A gestational diabetes during pregnancy diet should include plenty of natural foods such as fresh fruits and vegetablese Women suffering from diabetes during pregnancy should avoid eating foods that contain a lot of simple sugar such as cookies, cakes, ice cream, candies etc and instead satisfy their sugar cravings via foods that are rich in natural sugars such as fruitst Those women who also feel hungry between meals should snack on healthy alternatives such as fruits, carrot sticks or even raisinsn The diet of a woman diagnosed with gestational diabetes should also include plenty of rice and whole grain pasta or breads which are healthy for both the mother and the childl

Pregnant women should also try and eat well balanced meals as far as possiblel The amount of food that they eat may be recommended by their dietician or their doctor depending on their weight gain progresss Along with a diet to tackle gestational diabetes, pregnant women should also exercise regularly so as to keep the blood sugar levels normala One should always consult the doctor before taking up any form of exercise while being pregnant so as to ensure that it is safef

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