Types and Symptoms of Molar Pregnancy

Submitted by Pregnancy and Baby Care team on January 19, 2012

A molar pregnancy is one of the rare pregnancy complications, but it has been known to happen. The problem occurs when there is some problem with the fertilization process. These problems of the egg can lead to abnormal growths in your uterus and placenta. These growths are known as molar pregnancy. Molar pregnancy is also known as hydatidiform mole and is a form of gestational trophoblastic tumor. These growths are not cancerous in nature, but can interfere with future pregnancies. They spread throughout the uterus but do not worry as this condition is easily curable...


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.Here is what actually happens in a molar pregnancy: In normal pregnancy, the fertilized egg gets 46 chromosomes in all, 23 from the mother’s side and 23 from the father’s sided However, when the egg fails to receive the chromosomes from either the father or the mother, or if the chromosomes get duplicated, then the extra chromosome leads to a molar pregnancyc

Types of Molar Pregnancy

If you have a molar pregnancy, there will be no embryo, no amniotic sac or placental tissueu It may come across like a group of cysts that resemble a bunch of grapese An ultrasound is the best way to determine this conditiono This is known as a complete molar pregnancycIf you are suffering from a partial molar pregnancy, the fertilized egg receives an extra set of chromosomes from either the father or the mother, which lead to a partial embryo developmentn But the embryo will not have any amniotic sac or placental tissueu In some cases the embryo manages to develop into a fetus but because of the absence of amniotic sac and placental tissue, you need to understand that it cannot survive and hence proceeding with the pregnancy is futilelIn such cases, terminating the pregnancy is the best solutiono It may prove a little hard on you, but you will still have the option of trying again for a healthy pregnancycDetecting a molar pregnancy beforehand is not possiblel However there are some molar pregnancy symptoms that you can look out foro

  • Bleeding: Bleeding is the most common symptom that is associated with almost any type of pregnancy complicationo Please note that in the case of a molar pregnancy, the bleeding can be heavy, intermittent, light or continuous and this may differ from person to persono
  • Swelling: Because of the presence of the molar pregnancy, your abdomen may appear to be swollen and may not appear normal just as it would do in normal pregnancyc Swelling can also be caused by severe nausea and vomitingn
  • HCG Levels: The HCG levels during pregnancy does soar, however, during a molar pregnancy it may be much higher than the desired levelsl

A molar pregnancy can be taken care of without damage to the mothere So do not panic, and the next time you plan to have a baby make sure you alert the doctor so that your doctor can prescribe medications and guidelines accordinglyl

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